Increasing Popularity Of Transformers Games

Have you noticed that a lot of games that are created these days are based on popular movies? This has certainly become a very common practice in the past decade. One example of this trend revolves around the Transformers movie franchise. The more popular a particular movie happens to be, the more popular any derivative games that are created based on the movie will be. This helps explain the increasing popularity of Transformers games.

When very few people realize is that major motion picture studios no longer think in terms of merely creating an entertaining movie that appeals to a summer audience. Instead, a lot of merchandising is also factored into the decision-making process. One huge component of this merchandising equation is games. Do you realize that the gaming industry generates billions of dollars in profits? Major motion picture studios will collect a royalty every time a game is sold that is based on a popular movie.

As it relates to the Transformers games, a relationship already existed between the studio and the game developing company. It’s not really much of a surprise that the movie was exceptionally popular — a lot of research and planning went into determining whether or not this is the type of movie that should even be made in the first place. What really surprises many industry experts is just how well coordinated the movie studio was with the game developing company.

Generally speaking, game development companies will lobby for the right to develop a game based on a popular movie. However, this typically results in their being a significant delay between the time the movie is released and when the game is available. The Transformers games are very different because they were created virtually at the same time as the movie. This enabled the game development company to coordinate the marketing of the game to coincide with a lot of the marketing that is being done for the movie itself.

It is important to understand how the game works in order to enjoy it. When we talk about action and adventure Transformer games, we are talking about an action packed journey seen through the eyes of the Autobots. Your journey is to save the world and all of humanity from the evil Decepticon. You play as the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime who has come down to planet earth from his home planet Cybertron. He is a brave, strong and very wise leader whose mission is to protect all life and humanity on earth. You venture through a series of action packed levels where you are presented with many challenges. You will find yourself constantly being attacked by Decepticon robots. With your hi tech armory, weapons and power you destroy your adversaries one by one – bringing you a step closer to saving planet earth. Don’t forget, if the battle gets tough you are always able to transform into a truck and speed your way out of danger.

Not all transformer games are action and adventure based games however, you will experience a variation of games that are available for you to play. They can range from RPG games, racing games, fighting games and even puzzle games. Another popular variation are fighting games. These are two player games where you and your opponent fight against each other until one is destroyed. In these games you are given a time limit for your battle. You have a health bar that will get drained when you are attacked and damaged. Your objective is to destroy your opponent before he can destroy you. You can select your favorite Transformers persona who comes equipped with weapons that are unique to that character. Use your weapons and super powers wisely so that you can climb the ladder to victory.

As you probably already know, the Transformers movie is a franchise. There have been more than one. This creates a situation where even more money is made because the Transformers games can ride the wave of popularity and the buzz generated by the movie itself. So when we look and see the increasing popularity of Transformers games, it’s not some random coincidence. This is the result of careful planning, expert execution, and a dedicated team of professionals.