Why Are Some Older Women Homeless?

It seems that many older women are now homeless making up a large percentage of street dwellers. One has to ask why? The answer, however, is rather obvious. In Australia women are discriminated against and are often prevented from the same opportunities of men. When a divorce occurs it is often the woman who ends up homeless. Men who manipulate the system are able to secure a better future for themselves than women can.

It came as a shock this week to learn that a cyber friends of some 12 years is living in a make shift tent on the streets in the USA. It brought tears to my eyes to know that she was the victim of a cruel act on the part of her ex husband prior to their divorce some three years ago. He saw the family home disposed of so as to prevent her having it after the event.

Men are capable of some foul acts when it comes to separating when things go wrong. They may be the last to know how bad their marriage has become and it is something they can’t handle when it finally breaks apart.

Many women can speak from experience when it comes to feeling the retribution of such a man. It appears that many will go to extraordinary lengths to pay-back their mate after a court battle. Disposing of the home to get even is only the tip of the iceberg in regards to how far they will go. Perhaps this is why many women quit without a settlement.

In recent times we have witnessed some horrendous deeds carried out on the children by their fathers. Throwing a little girl over a bridge to crash on the rocks below is one of them and bashing another over the head with a cricket bat in front of his mother and a large audience is unforgettable.

Is it any wonder that women leave and opt to sleep on the streets rather than face the consequences of a violent man? As they age and work becomes unavailable they are more vulnerable than ever. Not all women who end up on the streets have left voluntarily as many have been forced to do so for other reasons.

Gambling, alcoholism, and drugs also contribute to the problem. That doesn’t mean that all homeless women suffer from these things but the chances are they may take them up to escape their predicaments.