How to Do Magic Tricks For Fun – Guessing the Total of Rolled Dice

Tricks with dice are always popular with Magicians and the public. People find dice interesting to look at and to handle. They also appear exotic because of their connection with gambling and casinos.

In this great trick, you apparently guess the total of three dice rolled by a spectator!

How It Looks To The Audience

The Magician gives the spectator three dice and then turns away from the spectator.

The Magician then tells the spectator to roll the three dice on the table and then add the three numbers showing at the top of the dice.

He then tells the spectator to pick up any one of the dice and add the number that was on the BOTTOM of this die to his previous total.

He then tells the spectator to roll this die again and add the new number at the top to his previous total.

The Magician then turns around and says that he has no way of knowing which of the dice was rolled a second time.

He then picks up the three dice and shakes them in his cupped hands.

After a few seconds of mystical deliberation, The Magician then calls out the final total that the spectator has in his mind!

How The Trick Is Done

Although this looks like a clever piece of mind reading, the answer is simplicity itself. When you turn around, you quickly, mentally add the three, top numbers of the dice and then add 7 to this number. This will be the same number that the spectator is thinking of!

Top Six Fun Things To Do in Lincoln City Oregon

1. Go Fly a Kite!

Lincoln City is located at the 45th parallel. What this means is you get steady winds pretty much year round. This makes Lincoln City the self-proclaimed “Kite Capital of the World” There are two kite festivals each year in Lincoln City, one in June and one in October. The beaches, all 7 miles of them, are beautiful and provide plenty of room for kite flying! So go and feel like a kid again!

2. Take in a Show!

The Chinook Winds Casino is a beautiful casino, right on the ocean. It’s a great place to stay, and they always have big name musical acts. Of course there is the gambling that is available. The Casino also offers a restaurant, pool and a sauna to relax in. They also offer child care, with arcades, Nintendo and a playground.

3. Watch the Glass Blow!

The Alderhouse Glassblowing Studio is well worth your time. You can watch masters at the ancient art of glassblowing. You can also purchase some of their beautiful pieces, including something called a Witch Ball. You will be amazed at what they can do with glass.

4. View the Mighty D River?

The D River is not all that mighty. It is the shortest river in the world, traveling 120 feet from Devils Lake to the Pacific Ocean. There is a Oregon State Park wayside there, with plenty of parking and access to several miles of sandy beach. Right next to the wayside is my favorite restaurant, Kylios. Great views of the ocean and wonderful seafood.

5. Catch Your Dinner!

There is a lot of fishing fun available in Lincoln City. Whether it’s on Devils Lake (fish for trout, perch, catfish, crappie, large mouth bass), the Siletz River and the Salmon River (fish for chinook, steelhead, trout), Siletz Bay (fish for perch, crab, flounder) or deep sea fishing in the Pacific Ocean. Charters are available.

6. Shop Till You Drop!

If you need to get away from nature a bit, head to the Tanger Outlet Center.

Tanger outlet center has over 60 stores, including Reebok, Eddie Bauer, Old Navy and Pendelton Woolen Mills, an Oregon favorite.

Lincoln City is easy to get to from Portland and by driving the famous Pacific Coast Highway (US Route 101). Come visit Lincoln City, I know you’ll love it.